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GameDev Assets

Downloads, documentation and support for all my GameDev Assets.

Micro Benchmark

Simple MATLAB inspired tic/toc functions to quickly measure runtime of some code. Plugin for Unreal Engine.

Fantasy Portraits

245 fantasy character portraits created with a custom GAN model. Asset pack for Unreal Engine.

Fuzzy String Matching

Library to approximately matching strings based on Levenshtein Edit Distance and others. Plugin for Unreal Engine.

Asset Documentation

Github Pages with documentation and support discussions for all my published assets.


Published and upcoming games developed by me or that I collaborated on.

JOY OF PROGRAMMING - Software Engineering Simulator

An immersive 3D programming puzzle game about automating all kinds of realistic machinery in different settings using real Python code. Wishlist on Steam.

Of Searching and Finding Lost Space.

Short walking-simulator developed for the Epic MegaJam 2021. Free download at